What is SEERRIN?

SEERRIN – South East Europe Rail Research Network is a partnership of university faculties and research institutes with the Rail Cluster for South East Europe (RCSEE), the regional rail industry, rail operators, infrastructure managers, government organisations and funding bodies. It is being established to encourage much greater collaboration between the actors involved in railway R&D/innovation across the South East Europe region.

SEERRIN’s aim is to develop active partnerships between organisations in order to increase the development and adoption of modern technologies on the regional rail network, and to develop the skills and capabilities of the regional rail industry to support the delivery of a modern, efficient railway.


SEERRIN Objectives

  • Academia/Industry Partnership
    • Enabling greater collaboration between universities and research institutions, the rail industry and public bodies that are responsible for managing and investing in the rail network
  • Skills/Capabilities
    • Developing the skills and practical knowledge required to support the growth and improvement of the regional rail network
  • R&D/Innovation
    • Increasing research, development and innovation activity to support the development of the regional rail network
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Facilitating the increased transfer and practical application of technical knowledge and experience into the railway


SEERRIN Target Activities

  • Collaboration & knowledge exchange between university faculties (research)
  • Collaboration projects between universities and industry (R&D)
  • Project partnerships for eg EU-funded projects
  • Commercial innovation projects


SEERRIN Documents


SEERRIN Contacts

Contact and questions should be directed to seerrin@rcsee.org


SEERRIN Partners